Cold Storage

Temperature-controlled warehousing units for storing goods:
  • -23° C (frozen)
  • +20° C /+6°C (fresh and dry)
  • +16° C (dry)

Customs Warehouse

  • goods can be stored without paying customs duties (import duties, VAT, excise tax); 
  • no stoppage time of vehicle during customs formalities (status: authorised consignee, authorised consignor).

Customs Brokers

  • we will help you save your time
  • ensuring control of supervision of customs formalities
  • and customs formalities guarantee

Customs Broker

A customs broker is a person who, on the grounds of a contract, is entitled to represent the holder of goods moving across a customs frontier or a person authorised by them before the customs authorities. A customs broker ensures all prescribed customs formalities and makes tax payments envisaged in laws.
To gain a detailed and up-to-date information about customs procedures and regulations, we recommend to consult a customs broker or customs authority.

Customs Warehouse

A customs warehouse is a facility authorised by the customs authorities where imported goods can be stored under special conditions without payment of import duties, taxes or other customs charges. Customs warehouses are designed to provide temporary storage for goods in transit or awaiting customs clearance.