Cold storage

Customs Freezer warehouse

We offer goods warehousing at -230C (Frozen), +20C/+60C (Fresh and dry), +160C (Dry)
We offer temperature-controlled warehousing units for storing goods, and we provide services of transhipment, packing, labelling of goods and customs formalities (clearance of goods).

The warehouses are registered with the Food and Veterinary Service and are suitable for storing various types of food.
Storage of medicines (expected soon).

Warehouse Capacity:

  • ~1200 pallet spaces at a temperature of -23ºC;
  • ~300 pallet spaces at a temperature of +2/+ 6ºC.

Customs freezer warehouse (Cold Storage) address:

Kroņi, Ķekavas novads, Ķegavas pag., LV-2123
VILKS X-Dock, bloks A, rampa: 59-61
GPS: 56.805910 24.242551;