Customs warehouse servises


  • storage and transhipment;
  • excise warehouse for tobacco alternative products (e-cigarettes, liquids, nicotine pads);
  • sorting and labelling of goods;
  • status of authorised consignee / find out more >>
  • status of authorised consignor / find out more >>


  • a customs warehouse status (transit goods, non-cleared goods, goods from third countries and EFTA countries can be stored);
  • a private customs warehouse in Riga;
  • storage of food and medicines (expected) at -230C - +160C / find out more >>
  • excise warehouse for tobacco alternative products;
  • the warehouse is situated within a secured territory;
  • storage of community goods;
  • observation chambers;
  • closed-type warehouse;
  • high rise-up gates (suitable for large and/or oversized loads);
  • forklift available (lifting capacity 2.5 t)
  • long- and short-term storage options.
customs warehouse in Riga